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Manufacturing oil refining equipment for your type of oil and performance

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crude heater
evaporation tanks
distillation columns
Manufacturing according to the customer's needs is possible


  • Manufacturing for any type of fuel
  • Capacity from 0.5 MW to 5 MW
  • Only high-quality materials

Designed for heating hydrocarbon feedstocks by burning fuel. Manufacturing vertical and horizontal furnaces is possible.

How do we make high quality product?

Welding column for longitudinal and circumferential seams.

Hydraulic 4 roll bending machine.

Plasma-arc cutting machine.

Orbital welding column for pipes.

Under the supervision of the experts from Sweden the Company implemented the quality management system in compliance with ISO: 9001/14001.


Requirement in hot-water boilers with high with high efficiency for heating up administrative buildings.
We manufactured energy-independent fire-tube boilers, what allowed to reduce expenses of solid fuel and electricity.
Plant «Coca-Cola Uzbekistan»
Requirement of high-quality steam boilers in short terms.
We manufactured several steam boilers with steam generating capacity from 2 000 kg/h to 3 000 kg/h with full equipment, what allowed to economize expenses and accelerate manufacturing.
BP «Aksay - NAN»
Requirement of replacing old equipment with new and modern fire-tube steam boiler.
We manufactured three steam boilers, what helped to continue manufacturing without stopping.
JSC «Gasprom-Bitum»
Requirement of economic equipment for heating up heavy oil with long - term service.
We manufactured fire-tube steam boiler «TANSU» with steam generating capacity 6 000 kg/h; what helped to lower expenses and accelerate the work.

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