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Hot-water boiler «TANSU»

Liquid and gas fuel.

Промышленные водогрейные котлы на жидком и газообразном топливе
These boilers are used for heating systems of residential, public, industrial premises and can be installed instationary, modular and container boiler rooms.
*Manufactured in accordance with – ТУ 2822-001-2089-1797-2002; ТР ТС 010/2011, 016/2011
Евразийское соответствие

25 years on market

Technical specifications

Mass of boilers is indicated in working pressure 6 kg/cm²

The boilers weight is specified for a working pressure of 6 kgf/cm². In the case of ordering boilers with a working pressure of > 6 kgf/cm², the weight of boilers increases respectively.

Under the supervision of the experts from sweden the company implemented the quality management system in compliance with ISO: 9001/14001.


Long-term exploitation

High Efficiency

Full thermal isolation of boiler

Boiler operates automatically, it doesn’t require always worker attendance

Reliable and time-checked construction

Around-the-clock automatic required temperature support

How do we make high quality product?

Welding column for longitudinal and circumferential seams

Hydraulic 4 roll bending machine

Plasma-arc cutting machine

Orbital welding column for pipes

Easy to install and maintain

Supplied with all requirements
and ready for exploitation

Simple and reliable connection
to the heating system

Universal spare parts with
ability to buy in internal markets


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