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Thermo-oil boilers

Термомаслянный котел
*Manufactured in accordance with ГОСТ Р 52630-2012 \ ТР ТС – 032/2013
Евразийское соответствие

25 years on market

Boilers characteristics

Operating temperature of the boiler

Working pressure

ITEM 50075010001250150020002500300040005000
Calorific capacitykW58158111601455174523252900349046505480
Nipples diameterof oil input and outputmm80100100125125150150150200200
Oil volumeL15022030036043058072086011501450
Required pump output (oil consumption through the boiler)m³/h36557590110145180215285360
Difference in oil input/output temperature°С30304040404040404040
Stack frictionmmWC15151520202035353540
Boiler tube frictionmmWC0,681,150,831,21,362,574,786,846,3414,7
Boiler weighttons4,36,358,0511,112,7517,020,523,030,039,0

Under the supervision of the experts from sweden the company implemented the quality management system in compliance with iso: 9001/14001.

Main advantages

Possibility to get high temperature
of Heat-transfer fluid operating
on low working pressure

Possibility to reach 360 C
with working pressure 6 bars

Regulating temperature
with accuracy in one degree

How do we make high quality product?

Welding column for longitudinal and circumferential seams

Hydraulic 4 roll bending machine

Plasma-arc cutting machine

Orbital welding column for pipes

Easy to install and maintain

Supplied with all requirements
and ready for exploitation

Easy Installation because
of piping and fasteners.

Universal spare parts with
ability to buy in internal markets


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