Tanks for liquefied hydrocarbon gases (LHG)

With volume 1.0-200m3

Сосуды емкостные для сжиженных газов
  • Aboveground or underground construction
  • Maximum permissible working pressure up to 2.5 MPa

* Manufactured in accordance with ГОСТ Р 52630-2012 \ ТР ТС – 032/2013

Service life over 20 years

Easy installation

Delivery within the CIS

Range of use

  • End-users’ storage. These include populated areas, large industrial enterprises, group installations for feeding cottage communities;
  • Storage based on gas and oil refining factories (gas and oil refinery);
  • Storage facilities for gas peak-consumption stations (that is, stations whose main task is to smooth the unevenness of gas consumption);
  • Storage of gas-filling stations

Technical specifications

Operating temperature°С-40…+50-40…+50-40…+50-40…+50-40…+50-40…+50
Operating temperature Steel 09Г2СSteel 09Г2СSteel 09Г2СSteel 09Г2СSteel 09Г2СSteel 09Г2С
Location Floor-mountedFloor-mountedFloor-mountedFloor-mountedFloor-mountedFloor-mounted
Outer corrosion-resistant coating Ground, enamelGround, enamelGround, enamelGround, enamelGround, enamelGround, enamel
Hazard class under the State Standard (GOST) Class 4Class 4Class 4Class 4Class 4Class 4
Filling level%858585858585

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